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There’s no shortage of content writers in Toronto these days. And with so many to choose from, how do you vet a quality content writer? How do you find Ms. or Mr. Write for you?

Finding an experienced content writer is a challenge faced by Internet Marketers and website owners alike. Often, it comes down to the type of content you need, subject matter, business goals, budget and perhaps more.

What type of content writer do you need?

Most web content falls into one of three categories, each with a different purpose and user intent:

  1. Transactional Web Content: Here, you want the user to Do something i.e., make a purchase, download, sign up and or register.
  2. Informational Web Content: In this case, the user wants to Know something. It could be information about a specific product or service – features, benefits, location and cost. It could also be a technical, legal, financial or medical answer to a query i.e., how to, when to, why you should, who is, where do I (fill in the blank) near me, etc. This content needs to be topical, relevant, authoritative and reliable, especially since it could impact one’s health, safety, finances and well-being. Google calls this Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) content.
  3. Navigational Web Content: The user has a specific destination, brand or website in mind. They know exactly where they want to Go.

Before you start your search for Mr. or Ms. Write, keep the end in mind. Knowing the type of content you want and its desired purpose will aid you in your search. And arm you with the right questions to ask a potential web content writer. Naturally, this involves research as not all content writers are created equal. Read on to learn more.

A Professional Content Writer creates relevant text for a highly targeted audience. In the world of MarCom, this is known as inbound marketing, and is a crucial part of any successful content marketing strategy.
Web Content Writer in Toronto, ON, Canada
In most cases, a writer is hired to inform and or generate a response from an audience via high value content creation. For instance, having a user complete a form, call your business or buy something online as a direct result of your site’s messaging are all signs of a successful campaign. Get the advantage that a seasoned web content creator brings to the table.
Professional web content writer Ray Litvak creates fresh, original, and authoritative text that will differentiate you from the competition, and turn visitors into buyers if that’s your goal. 
For the past 12 years, Ray has enjoyed a proven track record of writing winning content. The NET Result? More business for our clients. Call  Ray at (647) 707-2672 to learn more.

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It’s not rocket science. It’s words! At Writing Web Words, we take the time to learn who your customers are. We pinpoint their online journey, meeting them with the right content, at the right time – when they’re ready to act.

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