You’ve got to hand it to Google.  Not content to corner the market as the most popular search engine in the universe, they now offer another in a series of innovative and soon to be indispensable features.    The latest idea is to now incorporate search queries via local area parameters that will make results pages region specific and thus, even more relevant. This may not sound like much of an advancement, but in reality it is, and is yet another means by which [...]

Domain Name Selection Tips

Domain Name Selection Tips Part of what we do – aside from online copy writing – is consult on all things textual and contextual, as it relates to websites and web marketing.  Part of this involves domain name consulting services; or, in layman’s terms, choosing an Internet address. Although there’s no hard and fast rule as to what makes a great domain name, common sense should rule. And sometimes, it even does. A few domain name selection rules that will help you in [...]

Web Writing Blues

I’ve been writing web content & copy for years and have built a career around it.  Like most web ventures, the barrier to entry is low and web writing is no different. Anyone that’s blogged or been published online can claim to be a web writer.  Really, all you need is an Internet connection, basic grasp of language, publishing credit and voila!  You’re a web writer. In similar fashion, anyone with knowledge of HTML or (dare I say it) FrontPage, can claim to [...]