Who is The Web Expert?

Common to northern climes, The Web Expert (TWE) often makes his appearance towards the middle of a web project.  Like a Ninja, he appears out of nowhere.  Often unassuming, he may even be likeable; but be warned: he waits in the wings, waiting to strike. Usually the son, nephew, or friend-of-a friend’s second cousin, The Web Expert may be called upon to ensure that the web project is going according to plan; albeit with little clue of what the actual [...]

One Place, One Page: Coming to a Local Google near You

Google’s latest addition to the popular ‘Google Maps’(aka ‘Google Local’) is the One place, one page feature which Google rolled out on September 24th, 2009.  In a nutshell, it combines   information about local businesses in – you guessed it – One place, one page. Google designed the tool with the idea of profiling every place on Earth including every country, city, town, business, attraction, restaurant, etc. An improvement on the amount of data formerly made available on the ‘more info’ link [...]

Where’s The Web Content?

I spoke with a web designer the other day – also a friend and colleague.  After some idle chit chat, it turns out he needed help with a client: as the story goes, the client’s site design was finished and almost ready to launch, replete with Flash and other bells & whistles; the only thing missing?  Web Content… As is the case with many web design projects, my friend had been waiting for the client’s content for weeks.  The design looked great, but with [...]