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Social Media SEO

Search engine optimization goes far beyond just your website. Social media SEO is all about driving organic traffic from social media sites with millions of active users to your website.

Our social media SEO services are designed to engage your loyal customers, reach new customers, and guide each of them to your local business. While creating an inviting social media presence for your customers, we’ll simultaneously boost your SEO ranking with effective social media marketing that steers visitors to your website.

Social Media Platforms We Utilize

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • And more


Website Content Writer in Toronto, ON, Canada

Why is Social Media SEO Important

The blossom of social media has created a whirlwind of online communication between everyday people and local businesses. Social media has allowed users to connect with local brands like yours who want to ask questions, find business information, submit customer reviews, and so much more.

Technical SEO by Writing Web Words.

So where does social media meet SEO?
Search results.

We strive to fill Google search results with valuable resources that direct your customers to your local business. By employing strategic and powerful SEO tactics on your social media accounts, our team is able to actively target your business’s services to the prospective customers who are likely to convert to a sale.

Writing Web Words vs. The Competition

Unlike social media management agencies, our team of Social Media SEO experts is committed to building your social media through effective SEO tactics that target the services that your local business offers. Our specialization in SEO gives us a unique perspective on how best to reach new customers on social media that are looking for the help that your business provides.

Our clients see the clear difference: Social media SEO is more than just social media management.

Taking Your SEO To The Next Level

Our team of SEO specialists has the conviction and attention to detail to combine effective social media management with innovative SEO tactics. Start optimizing more than just your website and draw in new customers from every corner of the internet.

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