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Are you searching for a content writer? For B2B or B2C website content creation in Toronto, Ontario and Canada, help is nearer than you think! Meet Writing Web Words Inc., specialists in writing content for websites that have continued to rank naturally in organic search engine page results (SERPs) like Google and Bing since 2008!

Why Hire Writing Web Words Inc?

We help turn browsers into buyers with winning content in 2024 and beyond! Our process is simple: We are high-quality content writers who only write online content. We are talented, conscientious, tried, tested, and trustworthy content creators. Perhaps you’re looking for Mr. Write for your website? If you seek experience and results, call us at 647-707-2672 or email us for a free quote. You’ll be glad you did!

Web Content Writer in Toronto, ON, CanadaContent Writing Experience Counts  

Content Writing experience counts if you intend to rank, reach and get high-quality responses that convert online. And yet, finding an experienced and reliable content writer who gets IT and, more importantly, gets YOU is a challenge. Hiring offshore writers saves money, but the message inevitably gets lost in translation. 


Content That Works vs Filler

It often boils down to the messaging and information you want and need for your website; this is where we shine. We take the time to listen and understand your web content goals and needs before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. The key to success is to consider the subject matter, business goals, and the type of writing you need. These should all play a role in your web content writing hire. 

3 Kinds of Website Content

Most content writing for websites falls into one of three basic categories. Furthermore, each type of writing revolves around specific ‘user intent’ that includes:

  • Buying a product or service.
  • Learning about a product or service.
  • Finding a specific brand or location.

Website Content Writers refer to this as Transactional, Informational or Navigational web content.

Transactional Web Content:

Here, you want the user to Do something, i.e., buy, download, sign up for a newsletter, register for a webinar, etc.

Informational Web Content:

In this case, the user wants to know something. For example, it could be information about a product or service, including features, benefits, location and cost. It could also be a technical, legal, financial or medical answer to a query, i.e., how to, when to, where I find (fill in the blank) near me, etc.

Sometimes, this content may impact one’s health, safety, finances and well-being. Google calls this Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) content. As a result, it should be topical, relevant, authoritative and reliable.

Navigational Web Content:

The user already has a specific destination, brand or website in mind for this type of content. In essence, they know exactly where they want to Go.

Keep the end in mind before you search for Mr. or Ms. Write. Knowing the type of content you want and its purpose will aid your inquiry.

Also, it will arm you with the right questions to ask a professional web content developer. Naturally, this involves research, as not all content creators are created equally.

How Does a Website Content Writer Help?

Content writers help by writing copy that influences people to act. Creative and Internet-savvy, they write copy for websites, blogs and other Web mediums.

They also write content that engages a targeted audience online. A content writer also aims to rank their content in SERPs for specific keywords & phrases.

For example, to rank for the words content + writer or content writer, it would help to use those words in your copy. As a result, it now becomes relevant and thus findable in Search Engines.

Most importantly, they save you the hassle and time to do it yourself. After all, what’s your time worth?

Hire a Website Content Writing Pro

A content writing professional writes the relevant text for their audience and Search. The result is inbound marketing. It plays a crucial part in any successful content marketing strategy.

In most cases, a writer informs and generates a response from an audience via high-value content.

Get the advantage that a seasoned expert brings to the table.
Website content writer Ray Litvak creates fresh, original text that turns visitors into buyers. 
For the past 15 years, Ray has enjoyed a proven track record of writing winning content for his clients. The NET Result? More business for our clients.
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Content is King

And we crown companies with excellent website copy!

It’s not rocket science. It’s words! At Writing Web Words, we take the time to learn who your customers are. We pinpoint their online journey, meeting them with the right content at the right time – when they’re ready to act.

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We create original content writing that converts! Content that focuses on what makes your business unique and relevant to your audience and search engines. We write intelligent and persuasive copy for  websites, blogs, articles, press releases and more.

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