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Expert SEO Copywriter in Toronto

When it comes to SEO, Content is King. Professional SEO Copywriter Ray Litvak has been crowning 👑 companies in Toronto, Ontario and Canada for years with an intelligent mix of original, professionally-written articles, business-driving blogs, and results-driven Copy optimized to boost organic search rankings, turbo-charging your online presence with the turn of a phrase.

DYK: Every piece of content on your site (On-Page Text, URLs, Title & Description Tags, Web Pages, Images, Videos, PDFs, Social Media Posts and more) can be optimized.

Enter Writing Web Words Inc. As one of Toronto’s top SEO Copywriting Companies, we provide services for local B2C and B2B website owners, ensuring every piece of content on your website is expertly optimized. We help your business rank, engage and turn browsers into buyers on Google. Guaranteed!

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What's Our SEO Copy Process?

Our SEO Copywriters employ best practices that boost a website’s ranking, reach and response in search engines like Google. It’s an art and a science based on a proven SEO Copywriting Process that works. 

Ranking online text involves a careful blend of readable, relevant and responsive content that targets People and Search Engines. Excellent writing is about more than just ranking. It’s also about writing for your audience and inspiring them to take action.

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How Do You Create High-Quality SEO Copywriting?

Keyword Research:

 Professional SEO Copywriters do keyword research, so you don’t have to. Additionally, expert SEO Writers identify keywords and topics that match your business to what your customers are searching for when they’re ready to make a purchase – all while keeping your competition in mind. We tailor copy for your company and clientele. As a result, we seamlessly weave keywords into your website content, helping it to rise in Google’s organic search results and get clicked.

Competitive Research:

 Suppose you’re in a competitive industry in a competitive market against aggressive rivals with deep pockets. The first step is to do a competitor analysis, and we suggest targeting the top three players in your niche. Now that we have them in our sights, we can start doing some ‘reverse engineering’ and determine i) how they got there and ii) how they maintain their position in Google’s Organic results. The answers to these questions will determine your strategy for ranking competitively and getting your piece of the online pie. 

Meta & Header Tags:

These descriptors – Title and Description Tags and Header Tags – are Google’s way of discovering your business, its purpose and relevance to a particular search. They guide search engines and direct searchers looking for your products and services to your online doorstep. Our Copywriting pros know the delicate balance and blend required between targeted keywords and awe-inspiring SEO Copy that lives behind the scenes and the front-facing copy your audience reads.  

Great SEO Copy:

 High-quality and targeted online copywriting is one of the most essential elements of optimized content. Focusing on specific and topical keywords & phrases that are relevant to your audience is vital to creating compelling copy and helps Google rank your website favourably. The best SEO copy strategy matches your website’s text to the needs and wants of your clientele – all while conveying your business’s unique style in a tone that resonates with your online audience.

Links & Anchor Text:

 Anchor and link text – is a link’s visible, clickable content. It can appear in a different colour (usually blue) than the surrounding text and is generally underlined for added emphasis. When done well, link text tells the reader what to expect if they click the link. Link and anchor text regarding SEO can be found on On-Page and Off-Page sites. 

Schema Markup:

 Schema markup, aka structured data, is the language Google uses to read and understand your website’s copy. By language, we mean a semantic vocabulary (code) that helps search engines characterize and categorize the content of web pages. Here’s more information on the semantic language, which is schema.

There is more that goes into creating SEO Copy that ranks, engages and converts, but this is a good start. 

Proven SEO CopyWriter in Toronto for B2B + B2C Websites

As a leading SEO Copywriting agency in Toronto, Writing Web Words Inc works with a broad spectrum of industries in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada and the U.S. But we have a soft sport for Canadian SMEs and SMBs, Eh?

Clients Hire us for SEO Copy Writing Services and Content Development, including:
-The Government of Ontario (Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment)
-Construction companies, Contractors, Renovators and Home Services providers
-Transportation companies including Moving and Moving Supply businesses
-Automotive related businesses such as Auto Repair and Auto Parts Suppliers
-Computer and Information Technology Service Providers
-Sporting Good and Services including Martial Arts Schools, Swim Schools and more
-Financial and Insurance related businesses
-Professional Health Care Providers including Dentists, Veterinarians and Therapy Providers.

In fact, many still contract with us to this very day!

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Best SEO CopyWriter in Toronto, ON, Canada in 2024!
Ray Litvak, Owner and Head SEO Copywriter

Hire A Professional, eh?

Website Copywriting is an advanced skill carefully crafted with a specific strategy.

Our website copywriting service is backed by over 15 years of experience writing engaging copy that entices readers and search engines – the key to excellent SEO Copywriting.

Don’t leave the fate of your company’s online reach to inexperienced or so-called SEO Writers. Stick with professional SEO Website Copywriting services done by true specialists that can generate results for your business.

For over 15 years, our writers have delivered high-quality results for businesses like yours, writing hard-hitting and engaging text that clicks and converts. We write for various websites and other web assets, including blogs, articles, press releases, social media profiles, bios, and more – so what are you waiting for? Start getting noticed on Google today!

Leave SEO Copy Writing to Our Proven Team

With your content in our hands, you can rest assured that your website will reach new heights on Google. Start setting up your business for online marketing success. Give us a call today at (647) 707-2672 for a FREE Quote.