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Compelling, persuasive website copywriting (also known as ‘SEO copywriting’) sways readers and motivates them to take action. All that effort is wasted, however, unless your online prospects find you.

Enter Website Copywriting

While also selling products and services via compelling text, well written copy has the power to boost your search engine rankings and attract free “organic” traffic. The process involves:

Why Use a Professional Website Copywriter?

For an amateur, website copywriting is a foreign, mechanical universe. There are plenty of pitfalls; too few keywords dilute your efforts and too many can be misconstrued as “keyword spamming” – a huge search engine no-no. Duplicating content across multiple pages or sites, whether or not it’s intentional, also gets you flagged.

Do you want search engines to find your web pages? Want to sell more? Rank higher? All of the above? If you answered “yes”, then a professional  website copywriter can benefit you directly. It doesn’t matter if your site has fallen on hard times or if it’s just getting started; an experienced copywriter can rewrite existing pages or create pages from scratch, optimizing your web copy, be it articles, blogs, press releases, product descriptions and so on for maximum exposure in search engine results.

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Based in Toronto, Ontario Writing Web Words Inc. has been providing  high quality Website Copywriting services to businesses in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and beyond since 2008.

Emphasize what
your site offers
that's of value to
users and how
your services differ
from those of key

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