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Why Write Press Releases?

A well-written press release gets you noticed. If optimized properly, it can achieve distribution across countless different media outlets and search engines. The result is increased media exposure, reach, response, inbound links and traffic for your website.


Hot off the press release

A press release informs the public, answers frequently asked questions and sets you apart from your competition. Want your press release to pack maximum punch? Do the following:

Inform: Press Releases inform the world of your organization, product, service or event.

Answer Questions: A good press release answers the Who, What, Where, When and Why of your news item. That said, it’s not a sales pitch. If it reads like one, rewrite it.

Be Compelling: In other words, be remarkable. Tell your audience something they don’t know and tell it in a compelling way. That means opening with a powerful, attention-grabbing headline that draws the reader in and a lead paragraph that cuts to the chase. The rest of your press release should fill in the blanks.

Write your press release for the Media: Media outlets often pick up press releases and publish them. Some print them as is; others weave them into a larger story. Write your press release as if it were going to appear in an online media publication. Follow the “inverted pyramid” structure; disclose the facts in order of priority. Some media outlets may only take excerpts from your story – or trim away the bottom.

Differentiate: Your news might not be groundbreaking, but that doesn’t mean your press release shouldn’t be. An experienced press release writer can provide a unique spin or hook and focus on what makes you different. For instance, does your product or service solve a common problem? If so, clearly state the problem, your solution, benefits and provide examples. Create a sense of urgency – “Consumers need to know about this innovative solution now.”

Just the Facts: If you’re prone to embellishments, do so at your own risk. It’s fun to tell about the one that got away, but the rule doesn’t apply to press releases. Be truthful, as journalists can tell when something is too good to be true.

Also, use a standardized press release format, write in the active voice, avoid jargon and be concise. Lastly, never quote sources without permission. Not only is it proper etiquette, it’s ethical and it ensures your press release has the blessing of everyone involved.

A professional SEO press release writer can help you attract target customers, search engines and media outlets alike.

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