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Meta Tag Optimization Services

Why optimize meta tags?

As Google’s Design and Content Guidelines say, “Make sure that your <title> elements are descriptive and accurate.” Doing so helps Google determine the nature of your web pages and is crucial to the success of any SEO Strategy. You’ll have a tough time showing up in search engine results if Google doesn’t understand the nature of your site.

In many cases, search engine results pages (SERPs) are searchers’ first point of contact with your business. It’s therefore essential to have properly written title tags and descriptions. Meta-tags appear in SERPs and tell users what you do. The best meta tags inform searchers while also intriguing them, encouraging click-throughs. Meta tags can be powerful marketing tools.

Common meta tag mistakes

You’ve heard of “15 minutes of fame,” right? When you get the spotlight, you have to make every minute count. Similarly, title tags give you limited space to make your mark – roughly 70 characters per page.

It’s important to maximize limited title tag space to target valuable keywords and phrases. Sadly, many businesses waste the opportunity, bogging their tags down with phrases like “Welcome to [your company here]!” A tag like that looks pretty but accomplishes nothing in SEO. Worse yet, some unfortunate sites duplicate title tags on multiple pages of the same site.

Wasting this valuable space is search-engine suicide, especially for those targeting organic SEO results. Title and description tags aren’t welcome mats; instead, they should be guidelines for search engine robots (spiders), validation engines and browsers to properly assess your site’s content. For maximum results, every page of your website MUST contain unique and targeted title tags.

Optimizing meta tags provides

  • Informative page summaries for browsers, spiders (robots) and your audience
  • Improved visibility, indexing and organic rankings
  • Increased relevance for users and search engines
  • Better click-through rates

Meta Tag optimization services include

  • Discovering relevant keywords via keyword research
  • Writing relevant keywords into each meta tag (title, description and keyword tags)
  • Developing messages that are SEO-friendly and inspire calls to action

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