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What is a content analysis?

A content analysis (or web content analysis) is a review of your web pages’ text. It determines if your text meets target audience expectations, search engine content guidelines and SEO best practices.

From a user’s point of view, a content analysis examines:

  • How your web content fits together
  • What, if anything, is missing
  • What, if anything, can be improved
  • If your web content is easy to understand (i.e. jargon-free)

Recommendations may include rewriting web content to be more user-friendly and/or offering more efficient ways of finding it on your site (i.e. by topic, internal search, sitemap, etc.)

From a readability point of view:

Is your site easy on the eyes? If not, you may lose visitors quickly. A content analysis examines your web content’s scannability and viewability, keeping in mind that:

  • 79 per cent of users scan web pages rather than read word-by-word
  • Web content should have half the word count of a paper equivalent
  • Reading from a computer screen is 25 per cent slower than print
  • Effective web content is written at a Grade-8 reading level

Recommendations may include using headlines, sub-headlines, lists, bullets and adjustable font sizes, just to name a few.

From an SEO point of view:

You can’t grow your web traffic if users can’t find your site. From an SEO standpoint, a content analysis determines whether your web content isfindable in search engines by reviewing your use of:

  • title tags
  • description tags
  • keyword tags
  • header tags
  • popular and relevant keywords and phrases
  • descriptive and keyword-rich link text

Recommendations may include keyword research to determine the best keywords to use and/or optimizing meta tags (title, description and keyword tags) for better and more targeted search engine results.

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