If search engine marketing doesn’t work, try “remarketing”

Remarketing is, literally, remarketing your ads specifically toward customers who have already rejected or “bounced” from your site. The process involves attaching special tracking cookies to past visitors, “following” them as they continue to search and remarketing with new ads targeted specifically to them.

The Wrong Stuff: The danger of keyword stuffing

It’s common that we think we’re doing ourselves a huge favor by stuffing our pages with as many keywords as possible. Unfortunately, doing so usually hurts more than it helps. It’s overkill.

Why the “contact us” page is crucial for conversions

Failing to bridge that crucial gap from customer to business owner online with a contact button is just as bad as forgetting to give your lovebird your phone number. Unless you operate a retail website with a full online purchasing and checkout system, you won’t convert customers if they don’t find you.

The key(s) to success in local SEO

Making your website a force in local search engine optimization involves often following different parameters than you do for general or “big business” SEO. Specific details like the your physical address are extremely important. You’re not directing customers to a “store locator” or one of 50 chains. You’re telling them exactly where to find you.

Putting the “Social” into social media: online and offline

Ya gotta love the Internet! It’s nothing short of a Godsend for those who dream of working from home: Think stay-at-home parents, those with transportation challenges and the self-employed, such as yours truly.  It can be a dream come true Where else can you set up a virtual business and do business with anyone in your city, country or on the planet without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home?  It can be a dream come true.  But what happens [...]

Search Engine Strategies 2010 ~ Toronto

Search Engine Strategies (SES) 2010 is hosting its annual SEO/SEM conference from June 9-11 at Toronto’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. Whether you're new to SEO or just want to brush up on your skills, the conference - now entering its 7th year - is ideal for Search Engine newbies, wannabe’s and those already practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Topics being covered include  SEO, PPC, keyword research, social media, local, mobile and link building, to name just a [...]

Who is The Web Expert?

Common to northern climes, The Web Expert (TWE) often makes his appearance towards the middle of a web project.  Like a Ninja, he appears out of nowhere.  Often unassuming, he may even be likeable; but be warned: he waits in the wings, waiting to strike. Usually the son, nephew, or friend-of-a friend’s second cousin, The Web Expert may be called upon to ensure that the web project is going according to plan; albeit with little clue of what the actual [...]

Google Chrome OS & Microsoft

I know you’ve heard it before; a new computer operating system is coming to challenge the market share of Microsoft, something so new and revolutionary that Bill Gates is shaking in his corporate boots. Funny thing about that, it may just have legs this time around.   For decades now, developers have come and gone riding high on the idea that they have something unique and competitive with which to test the supremacy of the Microsoft stranglehold on the world of PC operating [...]