Why the “contact us” page is crucial for conversions

Failing to bridge that crucial gap from customer to business owner online with a contact button is just as bad as forgetting to give your lovebird your phone number. Unless you operate a retail website with a full online purchasing and checkout system, you won’t convert customers if they don’t find you.

What’s in a title? A lot, actually

And you thought mattress tags mattered. Sure, mattress tags are important. So important that we’re afraid we’ll go to jail if we remove them. But any web copywriting enterprise or expert will tell you that some other tags – title tags and meta tags – are infinitely more important. So much of search engine optimization boils down to the same crucial principle: making sure searchers can find your site in the first place, preferably on the first page of Google and other search [...]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Website Success

Part 3: What makes a successful website?  This is a question that has as much complexity as ‘What makes a successful relationship?’   Unlike the latter however, the former is unlikely to require daily of doses of Dr. Phil or Oprah for answers; thank G_d. The following are some pointers that should help make your site more effective.  Starting with the Dont's: Don’t assume that just because you have a great business model, all you need to do is present information as a [...]

Understanding the specifics of website composition

Part 2: Writing online content and utilizing basic design structure for the web requires at the very least a cursory knowledge of the factors that differentiate it from other written genres.  For those venturing into the great unknown of the web, this may seem extremely daunting, as it has unique constructs unlike any form of text you may have experienced before; things like keyword and search engine optimization, image mapping, hyperlink and HTML. This doesn’t mean you need to get a [...]


Part 1: So, after much thought, debate, soul searching and presumably many memos, meetings and conferences, not to mention infinite cups of coffee, your company or business has decided to take the plunge and join the rest of the planet online.   In other words, you need/want/must have a website devoted to your enterprise. Like many newbies entering the web for the first time, or even if you have an established site, but it isn’t generating the volume of traffic you anticipated, or [...]