Five ways to become a more efficient web writer

User engagement is everything these days. To impress search engines like Google and to keep users on your site, your content needs to be both fresh and relevant. In other words, you have to write often and you have to write well. The thought of accomplishing both scares some people, so I’d like to share a few tips on how to write efficiently and effectively (in random order).

Google’s Local Search

GOOGLE LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION For those unfamiliar with ‘Google’s Local Business Centre’, this article will provide you with a basis for using it in order to reach local consumers while generating more qualified leads. GOOGLE LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – HOW TO Before getting into the nuts & bolts of  ‘Google’s Local Search Platform’, it’s …

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How to Become a Professional Web Writer defines the term professional as, “An occupation, vocation or career where specialized knowledge of a subject, field, or science is applied. It is usually applied to occupations that involve prolonged academic training and a formal qualification.” Although ‘specialized knowledge’ is required to become a ‘professional web writer,’ there are no well recognized governing bodies …

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