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Business Blogging

Why blog for business?

Business owners should never underestimate the value of “getting with the times.” According to a recent study by Hubspot Internet Marketing, small businesses that blog get 55 per cent more website visitors than those that don’t blog.

The study also found that companies with business blogs had 97 per cent more inbound links and 434 per cent more indexed pages – two factors crucial to the success of any SEO effort.

Simply put, well-written blog posts can transform the effectiveness of your website. Fresh, relevant content attracts search engines and gets indexed, resulting in a higher page count and helping you convert more browsers to buyers.

Putting the ‘social’ in social media

The last thing a small business wants to do is appear “faceless” and inaccessible like its large corporate siblings. Via blogging, businesses directly connect to their customers. Doing so establishes a company’s identity, builds an ongoing relationship with customers and instills trust.

With all the benefits of blogging, it seems like a no-brainer for every business. So why isn’t every small business doing it?

The challenge

Business blogs begin with good intentions but often fall victim to a busy work schedule. When other aspects of your business steal your attention, it’s hard to keep posting on your blog consistently. Questions like “When?” “How often?” and “What?” pop up.

Is there a cardinal rule about “how often to blog”? No, though professional bloggers suggest posting at least once a week.

As for “what to blog about,” the answer lies in developing a relevant and ongoing content strategy that helps your SEO efforts while also informing and engaging visitors. But do you have time for that?

The Answer: rent a business blogger

Whether you already have a business blog or you’re just getting started, renting a business blogger can help generate leads and save you oodles of time.

Once set up, business blogs are relatively easy to manage; the challenge lies in building a blog that mimics the look, feel and tone of your website and provides topical, useful and fresh content. An outsourced business blogger, or rent-a-blogger services, takes every challenge into account. It’s a one-stop shop for business blogging success that provides:

  • Blog design, creation and set up
  • Developing blog ideas and topics of interest to your audience
  • Regularly scheduled blog postings
  • Distributing your blog across multiple platforms for additional visibility

Don’t get blogged down.

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