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Popular websites have one thing in common: sharp, snappy writing that keeps readers awake instead of putting them to sleep or sending them running. To lower bounce rates, you need unique, rich content that positions your site as a valuable resource.

Better yet, well-written articles can establish you as an authoritative voice in your niche. Whether you like Perez Hilton or not, he’s a great writer. That’s a big reason why sites like his are such popular, trusted outlets.

For anyone navigating the choppy waters of SEO (search engine optimization), writing articles that target specific keywords can attract search engine traffic and links specific to your field, bringing in the exact types of visitors you want. Never again will you have Blue Jay fans accidentally stumble upon your bird-watching site! Embedding the right keywords and using article distribution services (i.e. article directories) creates a powerful SEO strategy that pays long-term dividends.

Four more reasons to write and distribute articles

It’s all about the fame game. Getting published in popular article directories raises your online credibility. It also builds brand awareness, reinforcing you as the expert in your field.

Article directories kill two important birds with one stone. Not only do they make it easier for users to find you, they attract content-hungry site owners seeking articles for their own websites, blogs and newsletters. Having your content reprinted on other web sites boosts your search ranking and, more importantly, can significantly spike your traffic. A proper distribution plan can herd thousands of new visitors to your site.

In most business ventures, including those online, conversions are the endgame. The more traffic you generate via article marketing, the more leads you create. Better yet, top-notch article content will have your visitors “pre-sold” by the time they arrive at your site.

Lay the seeds for future success
Articles both timely and timeless can live on your website, other websites, and in article directories for years. The links in each article build a steady flow of traffic for years to come.

Want to improve your online profile, page rank and lead generation? There’s no better, more reliable way than writing and distributing high-quality web articles.

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