How to Market Your Content Effectively

By now you know that you should be populating your web site with great content. This isn’t enough for marketing purposes, though, and you should consider incorporating these methods into the content strategy for your target market:

Start a Blog

A blog offers you a unique way to communicate with your customers. Written in a more conversational tone than your web copy, your blog helps you to develop a relationship with your readers. The blog is a place where you can post content which comments on newsworthy events your readers will be interested in, discuss a current promotion your business is running or share details about an award your company has received.

Article Distribution Networks

Article marketing is another effective content marketing strategy that is worth considering and is very easy to do. Have a content writer prepare articles on topics which would interest readers. At the bottom of the article, include a boiler plate statement and link to your web site or blog. Since the content on article directory sites is likely to show up at or near the top of Internet search results, you are using good content to drive traffic to your site.

Prepare a Press Release

Has your company done something newsworthy? Share it in cyberspace with a press release and make sure you submit it to press release networks so that it can be indexed by search engines. Your press release may focus on a specific event, but it will be available online forever to continue promoting your business.

Social Media Sites

If you don’t have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, get an account set up now. Your posts and tweets are a way to engage with potential and existing customers in an informal manner. Use these sites to promote and link to your content (web pages, articles, press releases) and share it with a wider audience.

Having great content is only part of the equation if you want to market it effectively. Make sure you have a plan in place to get it in front of readers to help promote your business online.