Why the “contact us” page is crucial for conversions

Why the “contact us” page is crucial for conversions

My favorite web development tips are often those that help you solve problems right under your nose. They’re the easiest things to fix yet they can significantly impact your website’s performances. One such example: the “contact us” page.

Imagine bragging to your friends about that great girl or guy you met the other day. You hit it off, had a wonderful conversation, and you knew right away that you were destined to be together. You were looking your best, you were at your most charming, and you couldn’t have made a better impression.

“That’s great! So, did you give him/her your number?”


Failing to bridge that crucial gap from customer to business owner online with a contact us button is just as bad as forgetting to give your love interest your phone number. Unless you operate a fully automated retail website with a full online purchasing and checkout system, you won’t convert customers if they don’t find you.

It’s amazing how often businesses make this mistake. They spend a huge number of resources on beautifully designed websites, artfully crafted content and well thought out web marketing initiatives, but often give little thought to contact information. Either it’s non-existent, barely visible, buried in a mystery section (i.e. in an About Us page instead of a separate Contact Us page) or included in too few places.

True story: a client I encountered was pulling out all the stops, dropping $2,500 a month on Google AdWords, but the business’ conversion rate remained horrible. The simple, fixable reason: the home page had NO contact information! Even if people were impressed with the company’s services, they had no idea how to receive those services as they didn’t know whom or where to contact.

Assuming you want customers to contact you via information found on your website, consider these simple tips:

1. Put a “contact us” button on your home page, above the fold. Let users know exactly where on your site they can find your phone number and/or e-mail address. Make it possible with a single click.

2. Include your phone number on your home page, above the fold. If you can get away with it, it’s even more effective to prominently feature your key contact info on your home page, not in lieu of a contact page, but in addition to it. If you have a bricks and mortar location, include your physical address.

3. Sprinkle contact listings or buttons at the bottom of pages, too. If you have a page discussing a specific service, it never hurts to remind readers at the end about how they can learn more. “To learn more about [our services], contact us at…” It works! To learn more about this idea, contact me at 416-226-8676! Ask for Ray.

The contact us principle stems from the call-to-action principle. If you want people’s business, tell them exactly how and where they can purchase whatever product or service you have to offer.

Learn more about contact us page best practices.

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