Why you can’t forget about mobile devices in SEO

Every time a new wave of technology arrives, certain prehistoric thinkers brush it off at first, assume it will be a fad, choose to ignore it, and wind up behind the competition. Plenty of business owners made that mistake with search engine optimization. Most came around once they realized that a website is just as important as any other outlet that promotes or sells a given product or service.

Is it time to ask the same question about mobile SEO? In truth, mobile SEO doesn’t exist as a pure entity. Companies don’t have separate sites that are only accessible via smartphones and require their own set of search-engine parameters and keywords.

However, we also can’t ignore that mobile devices are outselling traditional computers now. If you think of a website on a phone screen as just another tiny computer and not a separate portal, alarm bells may go off. If there are more tiny computers than big ones out there, and those tiny computers are connected to the same SEO you use on the big computers, you better not ignore the tiny ones, right?

To be more concise, business owners have to optimize their websites not just for desktops and laptops anymore, but also for mobile devices. Last week, I stressed the importance of click-throughs, bounce rates and conversions as sometimes-overlooked components of SEO. To maximize your site’s optimization for mobile phones, consider two of those factors in particular: bounce rate and conversions.

Your keywords and title tags aren’t particularly affected by mobile devices. A Google search on your iPhone is a Google search on your desktop computer. Your PageRank and clickthroughs on a phone should in theory be the same.

But failing to optimize your site for mobile devices can hurt your bounce rate and conversions. If you haven’t customized your windows to make them easy and convenient to navigate on smartphones, potential customers may grow frustrated and leave your site, or “bounce.” For business owners who use their website for actual business transactions, you better make sure your checkout system is also customized and easy to use on a smartphone. Your site must be engaging and usable enough to keep them.

Don’t think of mobile SEO as a separate web development project. It’s an extension of your all-important online SEO efforts!

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