Month: July 2011

The key(s) to success in local SEO

Making your website a force in local search engine optimization involves often following different parameters than you do for general or “big business” SEO. Specific details like the your physical address are extremely important. You’re not directing customers to a “store locator” or one of 50 chains. You’re telling them exactly where to find you.

Why you can’t forget about mobile devices in SEO

We can’t ignore that mobile devices are outselling traditional computers now. If you think of a website on a phone screen as just another tiny computer and not a separate portal, alarm bells may go off. If there are more tiny computers than big ones out there, and those tiny computers are connected to the same SEO you use on the big computers, you better not ignore the tiny ones, right? If you do, it could be at your own peril.

The great PageRank fallacy

Too many business owners and web content development companies think their work is done when they achieve the lofty No. 1 PageRank slot on Google. But patting yourself on the back at that point means you’ve forgotten the true purpose behind everything. It’s about making money. Three core principles are as important if not more important than PageRank if you want your website to truly be a successful extension of your business.