Google’s Local Search

GOOGLE LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION For those unfamiliar with ‘Google's Local Business Centre’, this article will provide you with a basis for using it in order to reach local consumers while generating more qualified leads. GOOGLE LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – HOW TO Before getting into the nuts & bolts of  ‘Google's Local Search Platform', it’s important to know the different types of search results that may appear on a Google search query; namely: 1. Sponsored Links 2. Local Business Results 3. Organic Search Results 1. Sponsored Links (also known [...]

How to Become a Professional Web Writer defines the term professional as, “An occupation, vocation or career where specialized knowledge of a subject, field, or science is applied. It is usually applied to occupations that involve prolonged academic training and a formal qualification.” Although ‘specialized knowledge’ is required to become a ‘professional web writer,’ there are no well recognized governing bodies that bestow such an accreditation. One can take courses – mostly online – that are offered by web writers and self-proclaimed gurus; but again, none of [...]

Using and Optimizing HTML Title Tags

Using and Optimizing HTML Title Tags for Search An HTML Title Tag is a snippet (short text preview) of HTML that provides details about a web page:  It is primarily used by Search Engines for indexing and displaying sites in SERP’s (search engine result pages).  Title Tags help search engines and searchers determine the nature, importance and relevance of your web pages. For search engines, title tags are the most important piece of text on your website and usually the first [...]

The 3 R’s of Successful Internet Marketing

Not to be confused with Reading, ‘Riting, and Rithmetic, these 3 R’s will help you succeed online. The 3 R’s in question being: Reach Response Results 1. Reach – Consider geography More to the point, know the location of your target audience.  Are they Local, Provincial, National or Global?  Knowing this information – and maximizing it – results in more focused Internet Marketing efforts and results. So, now that you know where your audience is, it’s time to dig deeper.  For instance, do your customer’s physically come [...]

YouTube Video Optimization

The term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) is usually associated with increasing the amount – and or quality – of visitors to a website and its content.  A large part of the process involves writing compelling and relevant web pages that are easily findable in search engine results pages. But what about optimizing non-textual content such as web video?  In a nutshell, optimizing your web video makes good sense, as you’ll soon see. Why should I optimize my web video? As for the [...]

Get Noticed with google

Modern advertising: same battle, different battle ground Since the birth of advertising, businesses have done everything in their power to get noticed and appear desirable to potential customers. They’ve flown banners over planes; they’ve given free samples at supermarkets and shopping malls; they’ve tried radio, television, even giant billboards in Times Square. The process is a lot like trying to get your crush’s attention in high school. You wear your best clothes, brush your hair, douse yourself in perfume or cologne [...]