Video Testimonials let your clients promote you and boost your search rankings

In recent months, we’ve discussed the Google “Plus-1” era. Letting users “approve” a given web page by clicking a button, it further democratized the concept of organic search rankings. Most web content development companies rejoiced at the idea that search rankings could be less about gaming “the system” and more of a meritocracy in which the most relevant, authoritative, respected websites climbed the ladder.

Ultimately, the “Plus-1” concept is just the testimonial concept broken down to its simplest form. Users were just giving a simple click of a button but, in the process, were saying “this website works for me!” the same way we’d hear someone champion a soap brand in an old radio advertisement.

We’ve also learned recently that the Google algorithms favor sites with high user engagement. Well, what if you could kill two birds with one stone? Why not try a video testimonial?

Video testimonials are becoming more and more popular among Internet marketers because (a) most hostable video content is “sexy,” new, professional-looking and generally engaging to a user and (b) testimonials in any form have long been effective. Impulse buyers may consume your product or service without hesitation but the tougher market to crack, the educated shoppers, search for proof. They want to see, hear or read about other people who are satisfied with what you have to offer.

Obviously, shooting and posting video testimonials isn’t the most convenient practice. It takes time and co-operative customers willing to show their faces online. Luckily, outsourcing the process has become a realistic option.

Companies like See My Clients will confer with you, determine what message you want users to glean from your satisfied customers, and go out to get it for you. They’ll conduct the interviews and complete a polished video for you.

Testimonials are one of the most proven, effective routes to attracting new customers. They also satisfy search engine algorithms by adding to your site’s user engagement and authority. So, what are you waiting for? Hand the megaphone to your happy customers. They’ll promote you — and boost your SEO– in a way no one else can!

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