YouTube Video Optimization

The term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) is usually associated with increasing the amount – and or quality – of visitors to a website and its content.  A large part of the process involves writing compelling and relevant web pages that are easily findable in search engine results pages.

But what about optimizing non-textual content such as web video?  In a nutshell, optimizing your web video makes good sense, as you’ll soon see.

Why should I optimize my web video?

As for the popularity of this medium, a recent study listed YouTube as the 3rd most popular website behind Google and Yahoo! with no sign of slowing down. In fact, there are approximately 200,000 videos uploaded per day on YouTube, all competing for eyeballs.

By placing a link to your web site in and around the video, you will notice immediate spikes in traffic and higher search engine rankings.  In addition, your web video will thrive semi-independently in cyberspace, not just on your website.

What keywords do I use?

Utilizing keywords is the best way to make sure your web video is found and that viewer’s also find their way to your website.  Finding the right keywords can be accomplished by using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, a useful gift that will help you determine the most powerful keywords to implement.

You’ll be able to learn about how people use search engines and develop a slew of ideas about what terms to use; thus, maximizing your chances of appearing on the first page of search results.  For example, if your video and website are selling “sentient robots”, this tool will tell you that only about 90 people search for that phrase in any given month. It will let you know, however, that “artificial intelligence” receives over 200,000 searches per month.

Use keywords in your title, description and tags

Keywords in your video title are as important as those on your web page’s title tag.  The video title on YouTube will become the video page’s title. The description of the video is also searched and it is recommended to use the keyword at least twice in this section, however it’s more beneficial to place the word in a phrase instead of an unintelligible jumble.

When entering tags for your video, put the keyword first so it increases the chance of both YouTube and Google searchers finding it.  Google is an incredibly intelligent piece of software and is worth taking advantage of, but don’t cheat: employing keywords such as “Angelina Jolie” when your video is completely unrelated will result in lower rankings.

Create a buzz around your video

The number of backlinks to your content increases your SEO potential, as does having viewers leave comments. This will create a “buzz”. These comments are eventually more important than views because if Google sees thousands of views with zero comments, it assumes that the content must not be very good and isn’t worth ranking.

Encourage viewers to leave comments in your description or in your video itself and direct as many people to your video as possible by posting it on Facebook and other social networks and submitting it to Digg, or other content aggregators. As long as you have quality content, this will produce views resulting in web site traffic.

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