How to Add Fresh, New Web Content vs. How to Add Fresh, New Web Content

Adding fresh, new, relevant content to websites helps draw traffic. Compare a website with fresh, new additions to a stale, neglected website. Then see how to add fresh content.

Many websites are created, launched, and… nothing. Their owners and makers leave the websites alone to wither and die. Let’s call these owners and makers “” What does do? acts as though…
•    websites simply, magically draw visitors
• can tick “website” off its 5-year plan and then get back to its “real” business
•    stale, unchanged websites continue to attract hits over months and years
•    the web,’s market, and its competitors will simply sit still—unchanged by current events, new opportunities, and fresh challenges
In fact, wastes its initial, valuable investment in building a website and squanders the site’s business potential.  The odd visitor might wander over to’s website (1) because is the ONLY business in its field, in the world, or (2) to confirm that still exists. But, how likely is #1 or #2 in 1, 2, or 3 years?
In contrast, imagine a website created and maintained by “” – a website that…
•    offers fresh, timely, relevant content that draws new customers
•    existing customers bookmark so they can visit regularly
•    these loyal customers recommend to more potential customers
•    confirms repeatedly that the people at really know their business and offer a great product or service
How does do it?

Do Like – Add Fresh, New Web Content

1.    Build for change. When you plan or review your site, design for at least one area of regularly changing content—a blog or “articles” or “recent news” feature.
2.    Make fresh, new content a responsibility and priority. Hire a pro and work with the pro. Choose a point person to know the website thoroughly and take ultimate responsibility for keeping the site fresh, focused, and coherent. Schedule for new content. As an organization, make a fresh website a business priority.
3.    Define your core and stick to it. Add new content that…
– complements your core business
– draws visitors interested in what matters to you both
– showcases your relevance to them
Adding new content does NOT mean jumping on the latest bandwagon, commenting on this national crisis or that star gossip, or plunking in hot new key words that draw only people who will never, ever become your customers.

Add fresh, new content that is relevant to your business, your potential customers, and today. For example:
– A headhunter could weigh in on the value of ethics in business success and how to identify high ethical standards among job candidates.
– A corporate teambuilding consultant might piggyback on Olympic fever with lessons learned from team and solo sport wins.
– An elevator company could update on new requirements for workplaces accessible to employees with disabilities. gets the gist and the content.  Now, for…

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