Google’s Site-quality algorithms – in with the good content, out with the bad

With respect to search engines like Yahoo!, we all know Google governs the search engine universe. When it makes a change to its standards or announces a new algorithm, the entire community of online content producers must listen.

The latest algorithmic change is an intriguing one that appears to further encourage the idea of a “just” system rewarding the highest-quality content. Google’s new formula specifically targets the “bad guys” – the low quality websites – and punishes them for producing poor content.

The algorithm factors in which sites provide low-value content, copy from other sites and produce irrelevant content. Google is also starting to factor in which sites are blocked by other users. Consequently, the “good guys” – sites with more original content, lots of research, in-depth reports, and up-to-date information – should rise in the organic search rankings.

Google’s new algorithm has gone global. That’s a good thing, right? In theory, those that riddle their sites with repetitive keywords in an attempt to trick search engines into higher rankings should be negatively impacted.  Those that invest in original and high quality content should be rewarded with higher rankings and more traffic. Sounds like a just and accurate system to me – consistent with the meritocracy principle I mentioned to go along with Google’s +1 feature in last week’s blog.

My only concern in the case of the new algorithm is that it could theoretically only make the strong get stronger. Take a site like CNN, for example. How many other sites have such a huge staff of original content producers? Have the same worldwide reach? Have the same ability to conduct research and produce relevant, original, current content?

On one hand, you could argue that CNN deserves to top organic search rankings if it’s such a trusted source of information. But the sites that suffer might be the ones offering high-quality content but missing a few other important features. Joe Blogger out there may have some great opinions – or a great product – to share with the world, but may lack the resources for “in-depth research” or “on-going content development.”

Google seems to be doing a fine job eliminating the bad guys. But let’s just hope it isn’t squashing the little guys in the process.

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