Google’s +1 era makes website content all the more important

Google is probably too proud to ever admit it, but its latest foray into Social Media – Google +1 – comes courtesy of Facebook.

“You like Me….You Really like Me!”

“Liking” has become a huge part of Facebook. People post pictures or videos and make comments hoping their peers click “like” to validate their tastes and words of wisdom.  In a more significant social development, users dictate which news stories are most popular, as users pile on and “like” their favorite articles after people post them. That idea comes from Digg. Everyone borrows from everyone.

But I digress. Back to Google. The search engine juggernaut just hatched a great new idea: the “+1” system. It functions very similarly to the “liking” idea – only for websites themselves. If you find a particular site useful or interesting, you can give it a stamp of approval by clicking “+1.”

Consequently, the +1 ratings are reflected in search results. After you key in your search, you won’t have to spend as much time clicking one result after another trying to find which site best suits your needs. You’ll have a huge head start simply by viewing which site has earned the most “+1” recommendations.

The pessimist will say that the new system will close the loop of relevant search results even more, that the already popular sites will get the “+1” ratings by the boatload and steal even more traffic from the little guys.

But I prefer to see the glass as half full. I see the system as more of a meritocracy. It puts more control in the hands of website owners. The better and more relevant your website content is, the more +1s you’ll receive, and the more traffic you’ll likely get. It’s a nice adjunct to search engine optimization efforts.

It also levels the playing field between those that abide by on-page SEO best practices and those that abuse the search engines.   For instance, those trying to manipulate search results by embedding a  ton of keywords in their web pages – or using other SEO No No’s – won’t get the +1 recommendations, as his or her actual site will have little to no relevance for users. The conscientious person who writes original, relevant and useful content will. That sounds like a just system to me.

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