In SEO, Time is Money

Stop reading about it. Starting doing it!

That’s the best possible mantra to follow in today’s DIY SEO world. As the old saying goes, time is money. So, if you want to use search engine optimization (SEO) to promote your business and make money, you’d better put more time into doing it and less time into reading about it.

That’s the mistake too many businesses owners make today. The often-misguided consensus in today’s online business landscape is that you need to do your homework and read up on the ever-changing nature of SEO. Since search engines like Google change their ranking algorithms so often (i.e. Google Farmer Update), you better keep up on what the latest and greatest SEO strategies are, right?

In theory, it’s not a bad idea, but it can only take you so far. Sure, you don’t want to dive into SEO without any knowledge. But if you spend all your time reading about SEO theory, you won’t spend enough time doing the very thing you’re learning how to do. And, ironically enough, by the time you start working away at your newly learned SEO techniques, the search engines may have changed their criteria yet again. Getting caught up in the SEO theory game can be very much like running in a hamster wheel.

So how do you buck the trend and start making money with your precious time? First, prioritize. Determine which one or two sources of SEO information are most reputable and insightful. Block off a certain amount of time per week – say, a few hours – to study those sources. But don’t let yourself go past that limit.

Secondly, and most importantly, DO IT. If there’s one thing every SEO expert will tell you, it’s that content is king. The better content you have, the more content you have, the more links you drive to your site, the more exposure you’ll get. That means click-throughs and conversions galore.  Spending your time actually walking the walk with SEO instead of learning from others who talk to the talk is the best way to turn your time into money.

So take a big chunk of the hours you devote to reading and start creating content instead. If you’re too swamped, it’s worth the investment to outsource it to an agency that specializes in SEO Copywriting, like Writing Web Words.

Doing it also means trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new keywords or content. Keep testing. The beauty of today’s online business is that there are tools to track every tweak you make to a website.

Instead of having someone theorize as to what might be wrong with your SEO tactics, try learning about your successes or failures firsthand. It’s a crazy little maneuver I like to call “doing it.”

About Ray Litvak:

The ranking of your business, service or product in Google’s search results is critical to your success. Toronto-based Content Writer and Local SEO Expert Ray Litvak understands the art and science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and places the right words in the right places in your website to increase your rankings. Discover how greater exposure on Google can drive more traffic, increase leads and grow profit for you business. Many of Ray’s clients consistently rank on Google’s first page of results and have grown their business as a result. You can do it too – and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Call Ray at 416-226-8676 for a free assessment of your specific needs today.