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Detecting and Stopping Online Plagiarism

CTRL+C, CTRL+V. It’s never been easier to plagiarize the web content of others. While the spirit of the web is built on the sharing of content, when competitors “share” without your permission it can hurt your business – by raising their search engine rankings, and lowering yours. That can mean fewer eyeballs to your site, and in turn, fewer transactions for you.

Unscrupulous content writers and SEO companies may even try to pass off recycled or stolen copy as original, which can result in potential legal trouble or tarnish your reputation.

Fact is, the better and more effective your online content, the greater the likelihood that someone will attempt to steal it and pass it off as their own.

Find out how to prevent and detect online plagiarism the minute it occurs with common sense tricks as well as free online tools and services. Also, learn what steps to take to have content removed or offending sites blocked when you suspect plagiarism has occurred – without having to hire a lawyer. See the full article here.

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