Google ‘Design & Content Guidelines’: Part 7

This week, we will be continuing our discussion of ‘Google’s Design and Content Guidelines,’ looking at the importance of fixing broken links and correcting HTML errors. Google Design and Content Guideline #7: “Check for broken links and correct HTML.” Following our recurring theme of search engine optimization, broken links and incorrect HTML could have a negative impact on your website’s performance in search engines, the user experience, your image and your bottom line. Consider Search Engines: Broken links within your site (internal [...]

Google ‘Design & Content Guidelines’: Part 6

In this blog post, we will be expanding further on our discussion of text descriptions and their role in search engine optimization.  This blog series in based on 'Google’s Design and Content Guidelines,’ and we will be looking at Guideline #6. Google Design and Content Guideline #6: “Make sure that your <title> elements and ALT attributes are descriptive and accurate.” From our previous post on Google Design and Content Guideline #5, we know that ALT attributes are written to describe and [...]