One Place, One Page: Coming to a Local Google near You

Google’s latest addition to the popular ‘Google Maps’(aka ‘Google Local’) is the One place, one page feature which Google rolled out on September 24th, 2009.  In a nutshell, it combines   information about local businesses in – you guessed it – One place, one page.

Google designed the tool with the idea of profiling every place on Earth including every country, city, town, business, attraction, restaurant, etc.

An improvement on the amount of data formerly made available on the ‘more info’ link of a Google Maps listing, One Place, one page offers almost everything one would want to know about a particular place; from how to get there to what it is, reviews, pictures, street-level views, video, price levels, interesting facts, website links and more – all on one page. Google feels this will improve the user experience and have a positive impact on businesses, making it easier for people find what they want, when they want.

Not knowing if it was available in Toronto, I went to to find out.

I chose a well known entity, the Royal Ontario Museum.  The results page offered what one would expect, a large volume of links.  I choose the first one, and clicked on the ‘more info’ link in the map bubble, and found a full page of information, from the standard street address and URL to related images, a ‘more details’ link featuring related websites, user-generated reviews of the ROM and more:  in short, an overview of the ROM from a variety of sources as well as a Web Pages section that showcased ROM events, articles and items from varied sources.

One Place, one page has only been up and running for a few weeks, but seems well positioned to continue to make Google the most relevant search engine on the web.

Ray Litvak
Toronto Web Writer