Are you content with your content?

The story usually goes like this…

You did your research, hired a professional web designer to build you a website, and now he/she is finished and wants to get paid.  But you tell him/her that it’s not finished; there’s no content! So, you write the content yourself, get it uploaded to the site and give the green light to launch.  But now you’re wondering why no one can find your website in search engines.  You’re not even coming up for your business name and/or your products and services.

In a panic, you call the web designer and tell them that your website’s broken, or maybe it’s the search engines that aren’t working.  The web designer knows what the problem is: the site’s not optimized for search engines; it doesn’t have the content that users and search engines find relevant.  “But you assumed that was part of the deal,” you say in a high pitched tone.  “How can I generate business if no one can find me?” Calmly, the web designer informs you that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another matter and service altogether.  They may even offer SEO Copywriting as an additional service, or know someone that does (ahem!).

This is usually where we come into the picture.  Being specialists in writing web and SEO-friendly content means getting calls from clients and web designers (usually post-design) that realize they need content; more specifically, web content that will get their site indexed, ranked and found by their target audience. Sounds simple enough, right?

So simple, in fact, that one would think that the call for content would come pre-design: one can dream, right?  The fact is that oftentimes, the content portion of most websites is relegated to the 11th hour; an afterthought; the Rodney Dangerfield of the website process, getting little or no respect.  But I digress.

You’ve come to the realization that search engines value quality content and perhaps it’s time to speak to someone that can fill the bill (ahem!).

But before you make the call, know the objective(s) that you want your website to achieve and be prepared to answer a few questions.  For example:
1. What do you want the content/copy to do for you? (i.e. inform, educate, sell)
2. What is the product/service that you’re promoting?
3. Who is your audience?
4. What action do you want them to take?
5. Where do they live?
6. What are the keywords/phrases they’d use to search for you and your products/services? 
7. Who are your main competitors?
8. What is your unique selling proposition?

A professional web writer will be able to craft your answers into compelling copy that will help you achieve your business goals, satisfy search engines and deliver an attractive ROI.  The end result?  A contented client.

Ray Litvak
Professional Web Writer Toronto