‘About Us’ Pages – Best Practices

As a web writer, I’m often asked by clients and prospects what the difference is between a ‘Home Page’ and an ‘About Us’ page: the answer is easy – about $150.00.

But seriously, there are differences.  For the sake of brevity, this post will cover ‘About Us’ page best practices.  ‘Home Page’ best practices will follow shortly after.

About The ‘About Us’ Page
Unless you’re a corporate powerhouse with almost universal brand awareness – think Wal-Mart, FedEx and General Motors (before the bankruptcy) – chances are that not everyone knows who you are or what you do, especially new visitors to your website:  Enter the ‘About Us’ page.

A good ‘About Us’ page, also known as the ‘About’ and ‘Who We Are’ and ‘Company Information’ pages provides visitors to your website with an overview of your company, answering basic questions such as:
• What do you do?
• Who are you?
• Why do you do it?
• What is your purpose?
• Ginger or Mary Ann?

Effectively answering these questions helps to increase your credibility and if written well, helps prospects to take the next logical step.

Depending on the level of detail you delve into, and whether you are a private or public company, it may also include (in no particular order) your company’s:
• Tagline
• History
• Experience
• Mission
• Key Staff
• Competitive Differentiators
• News/Events
• Awards
• Corporate Governance
• Community Involvement
• Goals
• Accomplishments
• Values
• Associations/Affiliations
• Warranties/Guarantees
• Specialties
• Size of Business
• Call To Action

Smaller and newer companies may be able to get all of this information on one page.  For example, Canadian Auto Electric – a Toronto based Auto Electric Manufacturer – does a nice job of providing an overview of who they are and what they do, all on one page.

Larger and more established companies with an abundance of corporate information may implement ‘Subordinate Pages’ and/or ‘About Us’ page links so as not to overwhelm visitors.  One such company, Canadian Tire, does this well.

In conclusion, a good ‘About Us’ page sheds a positive light on your company while also informing visitors to your site of what it is that you do, and more importantly, why they should choose you.

Happy Writing

Ray Litvak
Professional Web Writer ~ Toronto, Ontario Canada