Writing for SEO

SEO Copywriting has its challenges, especially when a similar industry or service is referred to by different terms.

Case in point:  we recently re-wrote the website content for a client offering Bad Credit Car Loans in Toronto.  A key term that the client wanted to rank for was ‘Car Loans in Toronto’, which seems straightforward.  But like most things SEO related, is not the case.

For example, keyword research revealed that those searching for this service also used alternate search phrases, including:
 Car Loan in Toronto (singular version of Car Loans)
 Car Loan Toronto (removing the word ‘in’)
 Auto Loan Toronto (Auto = synonym for Car)
 Vehicle Financing Toronto (Vehicle Financing = synonym for Auto Loan)

Alternate search phrases, although similar in context, produce different search results.  In a nutshell, by not using the above phrases, the client may miss out on qualified consumers when they’re ready to buy.

Finding alternate search phrases means digging below the surface; using synonyms, singular and plural versions of your keywords and wisely working them into your metadata, website content and link text.

Luckily, online tools exist that can help you find alternate search phrases resulting in a wider marketing funnel, more qualified traffic and better search engine rankings for your site.

Two popular fee-based tools are Wordtracker and Keyworddiscovery.  If you like free (who doesn’t), try Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool and/or Wordstream’s free keyword tool.

Happy Writing,

Ray Litvak
Website Content Writer – Toronto