Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

It pays to browse through The Google Webmaster Central Blog on occasion.  You just never know when you’ll come across a Google gem.  For example, they recently created and distributed a document called Google’s SEO Starter Guide.

As the title implies, it’s SEO 101 for Google Website Optimization, but many of their recommendations should translate into positive results for other Search Engines: There are other search engines after all, right?

Some suggestions are just common sense, while others are excellent reminders for those familiar with and new to SEO; for example:

  • Creating unique and accurate ‘page titles’ for every page on your site
  • Making proper use of your ‘meta description tags’
  • Structuring and optimizing URLs
  • Navigation and usability guidelines 
  • Website Writing tips 
  • And More…

It’s curious to note that there is no mention of ‘meta keywords tags’, which would lead one to conclude that Google pays them no attention at all. 

And for those more experienced SEOs interested in Optimizing Flash for Organic Search Results, check out Dan Morris’ article in Search Engine Land.

Ray Litvak
Website Writer Toronto Ontario Canada