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The process of hiring/outsourcing a Web Writer is alien to many people, including Website owners.  In many cases, the task of Web Writing and/or content development falls on ‘Marketing’, ‘IT’, or the person managing both, usually the small business owner.  In fact, Web Content Development is usually an after thought during the Web Design process.

To add insult to injury, it’s usually the Web Designer that gets the glory, and the girl – or boy.  The Web Designer rides in on his/her multi-colored stallion; flashing flashy smiles, razzling and dazzling clients with action scripts and impressive sounding TLAs.  Made into a movie of the week, the Web Designer is played by Tom Cruise (hopefully medicated); the Web Writer – getting no respect – played by Rodney Dangerfield (the living version). 

The Web Writer issue may exist, in part, because it’s still a fairly new concept.  Need proof?  Try finding a relevant heading in your local Yellow Pages directory.  To add to the confusion, the service may also be referred to by many different names; for example, ‘Web Writer’, ‘Online Copywriter’, and ‘Content Development Services’, among others. 

Back to the Yellow Pages: The most relevant headings that yours truly is able to find in the directory are ‘Internet-Web Page Design’ and ‘Internet Products & Services’, both a far cry from what your average Web Writer does. 

This is not to say that if a heading hasn’t made it to the Yellow Pages that it has no merit; or that a need for it does not exist:  The fact remains; I get ‘Web Copywriting’ inquiries weekly, just not from Yellow Pages.  Were I a betting man, I would bet there’d be a greater need for ‘Web Writers’ than ‘Worm Hatcheries’ among Canadian Business Owners. Naturally, Yellow Pages and your average worm farmer may disagree.

Ray Litvak
Web Writer Toronto Canada