Where’s The Web Content?

I spoke with a web designer the other day – also a friend and colleague.  After some idle chit chat, it turns out he needed help with a client: as the story goes, the client’s site design was finished and almost ready to launch, replete with Flash and other bells & whistles; the only thing missing?  Web Content…

As is the case with many web design projects, my friend had been waiting for the client’s content for weeks.  The design looked great, but with no content, resembled a Lamborghini missing Pirelli’s. If the site was to be launched, it would fall on my web design pal to develop the content; hence, the call.

The web content conundrum
Having worked with a number of web designers, I can comfortably say that many would prefer root canal to web content development, and understandably so. They are graphically inclined; pixel and picture people. 

It is only within the last few years that more stress has been placed on web content development; most likely due to the growing role it plays in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I can still recall a former web design colleague telling me that “no one reads online.” That said, he did tend to spend a lot of time on porn sites.

Conversely, the majority of web writers I know avoid web design and graphics; they are word people, mostly concerned with format, context, word count, and other things content and copy related.

Derek Powazek – web designer – wrote a blog a while ago titled, “Calling All Designers: Learn to Write!”; essentially, a call to action for web designers to be responsible for creating the look and feel of a website – user interface (UI) – in addition to creating engaging web content. 

I enjoyed the blog and agree on his point that content is and should be seen as part of the user interface and overall user experience, but must disagree with Mr. Powazek on another of his points.  Putting personal interest aside, web designers should design, web writers should write.  In a perfect world, both work together to compliment unique and valuable skill sets to the betterment of the project in question.

As for my web designer friend, Ray to the Rescue.


Ray Litvak


Professional web content development in Toronto