Where’s The Web Content?

I spoke with a web designer the other day – also a friend and colleague.  After some idle chit chat, it turns out he needed help with a client: as the story goes, the client’s site design was finished and almost ready to launch, replete with Flash and other bells & whistles; the only thing missing?  Web Content… As is the case with many web design projects, my friend had been waiting for the client’s content for weeks.  The design looked great, but with [...]

Domain Name Selection Tips

Domain Name Selection Tips Part of what we do – aside from online copy writing – is consult on all things textual and contextual, as it relates to websites and web marketing.  Part of this involves domain name consulting services; or, in layman’s terms, choosing an Internet address. Although there’s no hard and fast rule as to what makes a great domain name, common sense should rule. And sometimes, it even does. A few domain name selection rules that will help you in [...]